Friday, February 4, 2011

Moving Post - Are There Alternatives to Amazon Mechanical Turk?

January 2013 - Please note this blog is in the process of being moved, and this page is no longer being updated. I'm keeping it up for the time being because I know it gets traffic from people looking for sites like MTurk. For the most recent version of this page, along with more sites like MTurk that are no longer added here, please refer to:


  That’s a search phrase someone used to find this blog recently. I know I’ve looked for them as well, in an attempt to find more places to make money online.

I’ve only been at this for a few months, so I’m definitely no expert. I guess my best answer to it would be, “Yes, but”.

There are similar opportunities online, but in my opinion nothing pays as well as MTurk.

I’ll write down what I’ve found so far, and why I find them many of them inferior.

Crowdflower. This is known on MTurk as “Dolores Labs”, and as you can see on TurkOpticon, there are a lot of opinions about them. The positive part is that they won’t reject you on MTurk, rather they’ll quality screen you out of certain jobs. They’re good for new people who are just starting out, to get a hang of the process. They pay quickly and also always have work available. The down side however, is that they pay so low it’s beyond an insult, require a ridiculous amount of work for insanely low pay, and their quality control test questions are frequently incorrect.

If you’re not on MTurk and want to give them a try, they do offer opportunities at a number of other sites around:

Swagbucks – Look under Answer –> Tasks

Inbox Dollars - Look under Tasks

Fusion Cash - Look under Offers --> Daily Offers --> More Special Offers --> Daily Tasks

Send Earnings - Look under Cash Tasks

Added in 2012:

ClixSense - Look under Tasks. This is new for 2012, and has the added bonus of paying downline commission on referral's tasks.

GiftHulk - And another new one for 2012. Pay for the tasks is slightly higher here, so this may be a good one to check out. Click Earn --> Tasks to view what is available. 

Added in 2013: 

GiftHuntersClub - A CrowdFlower site with a pretty good selection of tasks available. I just joined this site at the end of December, and I won't have a chance to really look it over until after the holidays. I'll update with a review after the New Year.

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